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Custom manufacturing:

Jaxin Medical can engage in customized manufacturing, producing products according to the specific requirements and designs provided by the customers. This service can cater to various industries and product types, ranging from furniture to machinery.


Mass production:

Jaxin Medical can conduct large-scale mass production to fulfill customers' high-volume orders. By optimizing production processes and utilizing advanced manufacturing equipment, a physical factory can efficiently manufacture large quantities of products, ensuring high quality and productivity.


Raw material procurement:

Jaxin Medical can assist customers in sourcing and managing the supply chain of raw materials. By establishing partnerships with suppliers and streamlining procurement processes, a physical factory ensures the procurement of high-quality raw materials and their timely delivery to support product manufacturing.


Quality control:

Jaxin Medical can carry out quality control and inspection of products to ensure they meet customers' quality requirements and standards. This includes quality testing of raw materials, in-process quality control during production, and final quality inspection of finished products.


Design and engineering support:

Jaxin Medical often possess design and engineering capabilities, providing product design and engineering support. They collaborate with customers to develop product designs and engineering solutions based on their needs and requirements, offering relevant technical support.


Maintenance and after-sales service:

Jaxin Medical can offer product maintenance and after-sales services, including troubleshooting, repairs, and parts replacement. They ensure prompt resolution of issues encountered by customers during product usage, ensuring product functionality and customer satisfaction.


Logistics and transportation:

Jaxin Medical can assist customers in handling logistics and transportation matters, ensuring timely and secure delivery of products to their destinations. They collaborate with logistics companies, providing comprehensive logistics solutions, including freight, sea, and air transportation.

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